Northern Europe Holidays – 4 Routes Across the UK and Ireland

For the ones interested in taking some northern Europe holidays, here in this article you will find the proposal of 4 routes depending on the time you are going to spend there and a way to get 80-90% discounted deluxe accommodation. Let’s take a look at which possibilities we’ve got to travel across the UK, Ireland and even Iceland.

1 Week Northern Europe Holidays:

Let’s admit that you have very few time to make your holidays or you have decided that you don’t want to spend more time in this region. My recommendation in this case would be to start at London in the UK, visit Edinburgh at the northern part of it, Scotland, and finally take a look at the Irish capital, Dublin. For a trip like this one, I highly encourage you to take the plane, as no train passes will be saving any money and they will be more time consuming. Probably spending 3 days in London, 2 in Dublin and 1 in Edinburgh will be the most adequate time schedule.

2 Weeks Northern Europe Holidays:

For the ones that have an extra week, the trip can be taken from the one mentioned above but adding Glasgow and Manchester in the UK and also Cork in Ireland. My recommendation is to start at London, get a plane up to Edinburgh, train to Glasgow to see the Scottish landscape, fly to Ireland’s capital Dublin, take a flight or a train to Cork and finally by air you can reach Manchester before moving to your final destination London.

Even if you are going to take the train in this one, I don’t really recommend to get any train special country passes as they would not be of any value and you will spend too many time on the railway.